Dear Terrified

Dear Dr. H,

My 9 year old daughter got her two front teeth knocked out in a soccer game yesterday! She was knocked unconscious, so we went to the hospital. I found her teeth.

What can be done?

Terrified Mom

Dear Heart Broken

Dear Dr. H,

I just got back from the dentist and I have a ton of cavities! The frustrating thing is that I did not have any cavities a year ago when I last went to see him.

I had a heart attack last August. Could this cause me to have cavities?

Heart Broken

Dear Annoyed

Dear Dr. H,

I am having a new crown done after the first one failed. I only had the crown 6 years! How long is dental work supposed to last?


Dear Curious

Dear Dr. H,

Why do I need to get my teeth cleaned every six months? Why not every 2 months or once a year? Who decided on 6 months?


Dear No Root Canals

Dear Dr. H,

My dentist says I need a root canal on a tooth, but I don’t have any pain.

I have heard that root canals are dangerous, so I can’t figure out why I should do this to my perfectly healthy tooth.

Also, my mom said that metal in the mouth is bad and that I should have any bad teeth pulled and replaced with implants.

No root canals for me

Dear Scaredy Cat

Dear Dr. H,

I have a lot of dental problems, but I am just too afraid of the shot to come in and have anything done. I had a bad experience as a kid and I am just terrified.

Can you offer any advice?

Scaredy Cat

Dear Diseased

Dear Dr. H,

My dentist says my gum disease can be due to stress. This seems ridiculous, and yet it is also true.
How do you catch gum disease?


Dear Sticker Shock

Dear Dr. H,

My husband went to see the dentist and it is going to cost $10,000 for his dental work!
Why is dental work so expensive and who actually spends this kind of money on their teeth?

Sticker Shock

Dear Scared

Dear Dr. H,

I haven’t been to the dentist in 10 years. I am just too ashamed to go in and have the dentist yell about me about my current situation. I am also terrified of what they might tell me. I am sure I am the worst mouth he will ever see.


Dear Concerned Daughter

Dear Dr. H,

Last week we took my 90 year old mother to the dentist. He said she needed 4 crowns! This seems like an expensive and unnecessary expense. Is he trying to take advantage of her?

Concerned Daughter