Dear Dr. H,
My 9 year old daughter got her two front teeth knocked out in a soccer game yesterday! She was knocked unconscious, so we went to the hospital. I found her teeth.
What can be done?
Terrified Mom
Dear Terrified,
I am so glad you took her to the hospital first! Research has shown that head injuries can be deadly, so your first priority is always her brain health. If anyone is knocked unconscious, it is important to follow up with a healthcare provider.
In most cases, the teeth can be placed back in the mouth if they are intact. Transporting the teeth in milk will help this process. Don’t rinse the teeth with water or attempt to clean them.
IF the teeth can be placed back in the mouth, they will need to be stabilized with a brace and they will need to have root canals.
If the teeth cannot be placed back in the mouth- don’t be afraid that she will go toothless! In 2016 we have many options for replacing missing teeth that look natural and are comfortable.
I know the two of you are frightened right now. I want to assure you that many patients have dental work on their front teeth. It is not uncommon.
Let her get better and trust that her dentist will put her smile back.
Dr. H

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