Dear Busy Working Mommy

Dear Dr. H,

I need a deep cleaning. I understand why and I want to get it done. However, I have very limited time off and I need to do the whole procedure at one time. The dentist will not schedule it in one sitting. I have to come back twice. Why? And how can I convince her I need this done all at once?

Busy Working Mommy

Dear Soft Teeth

Dear Dr. H,

I hate the dentist! Every time I go in he finds yet another cavity! It is so frustrating, as I feel I have put a small fortune into my mouth. Is it really possible that I get a new cavity every six months?

Help! I dread going now.

Soft Teeth

Dear Confused and Fillingless

Dear Dr. H,

I went to see my dentist today and he told me I have a tooth with a small cavity. However, instead of filling it, he told me to use fluoride to heal it. I don’t understand. If I have a cavity, don’t I need a filling?

Confused and Fillingless

Dear Unhappy Bride

Dear Dr. H,

My new dentist insists on taking xrays before I can get my teeth cleaned. All I really want is to have clean and white teeth for my wedding next month. Why can’t she just clean my teeth?

Unhappy Bride

Dear Soon To Be Toothless

Dear Dr. H,

My dentist told me I need dentures. Needless to say, I am devastated. I knew this was coming, but I am only 51 years old! I asked him if I could do implants and he said I could not because I am diabetic and I ” don’t have good bone”. Is this true? What are my options? Do I have to do this?

Soon to be Toothless

Dear Phoenix Mommy

Dear Dr. H,

My dentist thinks my 7 year old daughter needs braces! I don’t want to put her in braces at 7, only to have to put her in braces again when she is a teenager. Why would we do this to our daughter? What is the dentist thinking?

Phoenix Mommy

Dear Found You Out

Dear Dr. H,

My great aunt just had some dental work done in Mexico. It all turned out fine. What is the big fuss about crossing the border for health care? I think you dentists just don’t like how cheap they can do dentistry.

Found you out

Dear Terrified

Dear Dr. H,

My 9 year old daughter got her two front teeth knocked out in a soccer game yesterday! She was knocked unconscious, so we went to the hospital. I found her teeth.

What can be done?

Terrified Mom

Dear Heart Broken

Dear Dr. H,

I just got back from the dentist and I have a ton of cavities! The frustrating thing is that I did not have any cavities a year ago when I last went to see him.

I had a heart attack last August. Could this cause me to have cavities?

Heart Broken

Dear Annoyed

Dear Dr. H,

I am having a new crown done after the first one failed. I only had the crown 6 years! How long is dental work supposed to last?